The Soundlens 10-Day Challenge

The Soundlens 10-Day Challenge

We are seeking 100 people with problems hearing to evaluate SoundLens, the world's first 100% digital, completely invisible* hearing aid. The SoundLens high-tech hearing device is the size of pencil eraser!

Hearing tests will be performed at no-charge for all qualified callers.

Participants will try SoundLens hearing aids for 10 days, so CALL NOW to take the 10-Day Challenge!*

Acousticon of Flushing: (718) 445-3333


Think Hearing Aids Should be Heard And Not Seen?

Then SoundLens hearing aids are for you.

SoundLens are the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids ever made. With a custom fit, they’re molded to your unique ear canal for all-day comfort. And they’re invisible-in-the-canal, which means they rest deep inside your ear where no one can see them.

Get the best of both worlds.

SoundLens fit comfortably inside the second bend of your ear canal — out of sight and completely off your mind.

But don’t be fooled by their small size. SoundLens also come packed with Starkey’s innovative hearing aid features. These include the industry’s most proven feedback canceller, and a noise reduction and speech preservation system that’s designed to help you hear clearly and easily, even in noisy environments like restaurants.

Our best technology in an invisible* style.

  • Featuring Voice iQ; Starkey's advanced noise reduction and speech preservation system designed to filter out background noise.
  • Fits comfortably in the second bend of your ear canal.
  • Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health.
  • Hydrashield2 nanocoating protects critical components from moisture.
  • Virtually no whistling or buzzing.
  • Custom designed for your ear.

*Individual results may vary. Invisibility may vary based on your ear's anatomy. Deposit may be required for trial.


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